1 Ocak 2006 Pazar

Eternal Moment*

The light reflects to your face
It is, it is so nice
Come close if you want, to shadow
Nevertheless this is your choice

Silence. Just so silent
Penetrates to the rocks
Sounds of cicades”

The weather is so fine, neither hot nor cold
Throw out yourself
Trip to the Earth, smell, observe and feel
In such weather,
Human feels quite enthusiastic

The sunshine reflects to your face; so, so nice
Enjoy the Sun
The Moment, which you are still present inside
Only a part of the vasty Moments
But an important part

A human has memories
And humanity has the History
How events and people are a part of History
Moments provide memories so.
Hug and keep your memories
From a great Life
You will have only them
Only memories will remain in your hands:
A handful sweet Moments and a heap of images
When your Life will over

a plucked flower
children who are jumping rope
splashing of the valley
frogs’ songs in the night
a rock, covered with moss
huge and silent
ants in our rear garden, which made a path
incredible pictures
getting drunk melodies
surface of a leaf
circles of smoky clouds
the man who dazzled his eyes
hands of women
their veiny feet
wrinkled faces of crying babies
a blind dog
egg-head monkey
lying to the earth
rolling on snow
powder of roasted chick-peas with sugar
ice cream with blackburry
rice-puding with rose-water
the first page of a book
the last page of a book

Now get down and sleep
-I mean
Just have a nap-
It’s –as they think-
Not laziness or escape
It’s a way to let continue the happiness
And cover the boredom
For now.
And get pouse the Moment
A Pretty Moment

This is Life
“He will pass as won’t trace
Who finds an order
Peace and Eternal Moment
In presence”
Moments, moments
We pass a great sea by swim during a life
But we have wetted because of water
Not sea.

*: Inspired by Czeslaw Milosz.